Fitness Training

Online Personal Training

Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds, train for a specific sport, gain more energy, or increase your daily productivity… I can help. I work with anyone from the stay-at-home mom, to the busy corporate woman, to athletes looking to gain the upper hand in their sport. My online training plans give you all the tools that you need to reach your fitness and body goals. I will help you progress through a series of levels, transitioning between endurance, strength and power workouts so that you never plateau. Every plan is customized for the individual to fit their specific needs and goals and the best part is that I can train you from anywhere in the world.


As I said above you will progress through a series of levels once we start training together. There are 4 levels to be completed and every time you want to progress into the next level you must test out of the level you are currently in by passing a series of benchmark exercises. My objective when working with you is for you to complete at least two workouts every week for 12 week periods so that you can energize your body and reach your goals. Every 12 weeks you will get the opportunity to test the progress of your endurance, strength, and power, and move into the next level.

Contact me so we can book your first 12 weeks today! I am excited to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be!

If you live in North County San Diego I would love to train you in person. Contact me for more information and we can start working together so you can start your journey towards better health!