How having an alkaline body can add years to your life and cut your risk of disease

Alkaline. When we hear this word most of us just think salt but in the world of health this word packs with it a lot more meaning, so lets unpack.  You may have heard of the Alkaline Lifestyle as a lot of celebrities are taking to this way of living and it has gotten a lot of press over the past few years but what is it?  Most of the foods that we eat can be separated into two broad categories, those that are alkaline and those that are acidic. It is essential to balance these two types of food in order to obtain health and well being.  Overall the goal of an alkaline lifestyle is to bring your body’s pH into balance by consuming a greater amount of alkaline foods and fluids. To be at your best it is critical that your diet is largely made up of alkaline foods, around 70-80% of your diet.

Below is a chart that gives you an idea of what foods are acidic and what foods are alkaline. As you will notice many of the acidic foods are what the typical American consumes every day: meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods. This is why America is so sick!  An acidic diet leads to an acidic body, which is the perfect environment to foster the growth of disease and illness.

If you want to keep it simple, at least in the beginning, eat tons of greens, drink lemon water every day, limit your processed foods and maybe even throw a green juice or smoothie into your daily routine to get some extra alkaline nutrients. If you do this you will start to see your symptoms disappear or maybe you will realize you had symptoms that you weren’t even aware of because you have been living in a sick body your whole life.  Find your motivation, take the first step and watch the transformation.



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