Healthy Bride. Healthy Wife. Healthy Life.

Every girl who walks down the isle wants to look beautiful in their big white dress and I am here to help. Once you contact me we will talk about all of your goals. Whether your wedding is next year or next month you will watch yourself transform into the strong, fit, empowered bride you always imagined yourself to be. I will provide you with a tailor-made fitness program, health coaching, and nutrition advice that fits your goals, time frame, and budget.


Photo by Josh Elliott Photography

After we have the plan for getting your body in shape and your health in line for the wedding, we will move into phase two of the program. I’m a firm believer that it’s the many days after the wedding that are going to make for a great marriage. In phase two of this program we will work together on being a healthy wife. I will help you make meal plans for you and your husband, teach you how to cook healthy meals and share with you some of the amazing marriage advice that I’ve personally received from well known authors, mentors, and friends for my marriage! By the end of the program you will feel confident and more excited than ever before to walk down the isle towards the man of your dreams! Also, if your bridesmaids want to jump in on the transformation, they are more than welcome to join in on the fun!

Take your first step today and contact me to schedule your free consultation.