Cooking Classes & Parties

Private Cooking Classes

Do you scroll through pinterest, instagram or magazines every day dreaming about all of the mouthwatering food that is posted, but you just can’t quite figure out the tricks to making it taste and look as good as it does in the picture? Instead of dreaming about having these foods let’s learn how to have them on your dinner table every night! Think of all the money you will save when you quit eating out and learn how to make your favorite foods in the comfort of your own home. I will teach you how to make simple, fast, inexpensive, and most important HEALTHY meals based on your skill level and dietary needs.

My recipes are perfect for anyone who is gluten-free, dairy free, or just generally trying to eat healthier on a budget. I will work with you to create a weekly menu for your family and then teach you how to make every meal on the menu so you can provide healthy, home cooked meals that are filled with love and nutrition.

Some of the topics we could cover are:

  • Learning to live and cook gluten free
  • Recipes for weight loss
  • Recipes for increased energy
  • A typical day of food
  • 10 minute dinner ideas
  • Recipes for easy entertaining
  • Recipes to please picky eaters
  • Knife skills lessons
  • …Or any topic that you want to learn more about!! I design each class to specifically meet your needs

This is the perfect gift for someone who has everything!  Excellent for newlyweds, group bonding, or those just trying to be more health conscious. Contact me to plan your private cooking class today.

Cooking Parties

Food is at the center of almost all gatherings of people but most of the time the food is unhealthy and leaves you filled with regret. Why not keep food at the center of your gatherings but make it a positive experience without any guilt?

If you want to share the joy of getting healthy and learning to cook with your family and friends then perhaps you might want to throw a cooking party. Prior to the night, a menu is decided upon by the host. Then I will cut out the step of grocery shopping for you and bring all of the ingredients that are needed for the meals on the menu. Once the night begins, we will learn how to make the meals on the menu, mingle, and enjoy the food that we just made. After everyone’s bellies are full, they will get the opportunity to have a Q & A with me about anything they just learned or want to know more about. Everyone goes home with the recipes, information about the health benefits of the ingredients they just used, leftovers, and best of all… a clean kitchen.

Contact me for more information or to schedule today!