Cooking Classes

Why is it that eating healthy has gained the bad rep of eating foods that taste like cardboard? First of all it’s because we live in a world where most people are addicted to the sugar, carbohydrates and chemicals that are found in convenient, processed foods. When someone is raised on this type of a diet when they eat something natural and good for them of course they are going to be shocked and think they just ingested a patch of grass. It takes time to break the addictions and I am here to help! Secondly, there is a lack of knowledge out there on how to actually prepare a healthy meal that is full of flavor. I promise you that eating healthy doesn’t mean eating bland chicken and steamed vegetables for the rest of your life! I am here to help you cut your addictions to the crap that has been “feeding” your body and teach you how to cook healthier, tasty versions of the foods you love.

You will no longer leave home without something healthy and tasty in your bag and your food will be so appetizing that you won’t even be tempted by the awful vending machines and fast-food restaurants on every corner! Through my cooking lessons you will develop the skills and confidence to whip-up nutritious meals that will feed and nourish you and your entire family. Before you know it you will be filled with energy, losing weight effortlessly, hosting the best dinner parties on the street, and saving money left and right by making healthy meal plans and eating at home.

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Everyone deserves to know how to cook healthy, mouthwatering meals. I look forward to helping you get on track to a healthy life!