6 Weeks to a More Amazing You: Week 5

Strategy #5 – Slow down, chew more.

This one simple strategy can make a big difference.


Chewing your food adequately allows your body to absorb and assimilate more nutrients and improves digestion.


Because you’re taking more time to chew, you’ll also notice that you feel full sooner, which means you’re much more likely to consume fewer calories while still feeling full. This can help with weight loss and/or weight maintenance.


The next time you eat, give it a try. Before you eat, take a deep breath or two and relax. Focus on the meal you are about to eat. Do your best to chew each bite 30 times and see how you do and how you feel.


After you do this for a while, you won’t have to count any more; you’ll know by the texture of the food, which should be completely liquefied before you swallow. Your stomach doesn’t have teeth, so the more you can break down the food in your mouth, the easier it will be for your body to digest it.


Give it a try at your next meal today!


xoxo The Wellness Paige

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