6-Month Program


Are you ready to gain energy, look your best, get rid of your medical issues and stop feeling sick and tired? Has your doctor ever told you that you need to lose weight, drop your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol or just make a lifestyle change that you have found to be unsustainable? Have you embarked on the journey of getting healthy before but given up and reverted to your old habits due to a lack of motivation and support? If you said yes to ANY of these questions then you are in the right place! My 6-month program will help you take back responsibility for your health and empower you to achieve happiness and contentment in all areas of your life.

Why 6-Months?

Studies show that it takes six months to create long-term habits. I want to make sure that I support you in making better food, exercise, and lifestyle choices for this amount of time so that you will continue with these activities after the program finishes! If you are going to invest in yourself it needs to be worth your time, energy and resources.


The 6-Month Health Coaching program includes: 
  • Two 50-minute appointments each month for 6 months, which will include discussion of your progress, recommendations and a full set of notes
  • A customized plan made specifically for your needs and goals
  • A variety of handouts, recipes, books, foods and other materials
  • Email check-ins on off weeks
  • Unlimited email & text support
  • Health food store tour if you live in North County San Diego
  • Topics Covered:
    • Why Diets Don’t Work and What Does Work, Long-term
    • Understanding and Conquering Cravings
    • Supercharged Goal Setting
    • Boosting Your Energy
    • Fueling Your Body for Great Results
    • Exercise Strategies to Maximize Results
    • Why it’s Not Just About Food & Exercise
    • Mindset and Habits for Powerful Change
    • Mindful Eating and Portion Control
    • Menu-Planning for Success
    • Stress Reduction and Self-Care
    • Deciphering Food Labels Made Easy

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