Kick The Cravings Program



12 Day GROUP Detox Program
Includes RESET + additional products tailored to meet your needs
Prices will vary depending on your personal goals

“I didn’t realize how much my body needed to get back on track, not just with my cravings, but my overall digestive system. This program gave me the education, support, encouragement and tools I needed to balance my blood sugars, get rid of toxins in my body and increase my energy levels. And..I lost 7 pounds as a side effect! I also weaned myself from DIET COKE..can you say miracle? I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a kickstart!”

  • Do you need a kickstart to get your health back on track?
  • Do you have strong sugar or salty cravings (simple processed food)
  • Do you have an “all or nothing” attitude when it comes to making healthy choices
  • Are you lacking energy, moody and irritable?
  • Do you struggle with constipation, stomach aches or other digestive issues?
  • Do you want to lose a few pounds by eating every 2-3 hours and getting optimal amounts of nutrients? (We Thrive instead of Deprive)
  • Would you enjoy support, accountability and education to help you achieve your personal goals?


What will you receive?

  • An exclusive on-line nutrition seminar to prepare and educate you. If you can’t make it, we will record and send to you via email. (value $60)
  • 2 One on One Coaching Calls with me (A Certified Health Coach) to address your personal goals. (value $120)
  • Private Facebook Support Group with access to other participants as well as Inspire Health Coaches. (value $95)
  • Tools, recipes and information sent straight to your inbox (see below for more details) (value at $75)
  • 24 Low Glycemic, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Delicious Meal Replacements (you will thank me they are so incredibly delicious) (value $70)
  • 10 Low Glycemic , Gluten Free and Non GMO, DELICIOUS snack bars (value $22)
  • AM and PM Health Paks including the #1 rated multi-vitamin, calcium and grapeseed extract to support your cellular health. These are all GMP pharmaceutical. (value $40)

$500 Value, Only $140 plus ship & tax!!

Prices can vary if you choose to do the transform phase following RESET+

CONTACT ME to get Started!


Your 12 Day Detox Plan

  • Prior to your start date, set up a convenient time to talk with me and go over your personal goals.
  • Prior to your start date, you will receive your information and instructions via email as well as other bonus gifts to help you following our program.
  • Join the On-Line Nutrition Seminar which will educate you on the purpose of the program and so much more. You will be able to apply this information for the rest of your life and use it for your entire family. We will also go over the instructions for the week. If you cannot make this, we will email you the exclusive recording.
  • The first week will be our 5 Day RESET program to cleanse and detox your body. The purpose of RESET is to balance your blood sugars, reduce cravings, increase energy and cleanse your digestive system. I have worked with over 400 clients and seen absolutely amazing results. We will substitute 3 meals per day with our low glycemic, gluten free shakes and 2 snacks with our low glycemic gluten free bars. We also add in vegetables and a serving of fruit. You will not be hungry and you will be eating every 2-3 hours. We can also adapt the program depending on your personal caloric expenditure and activity level. You will also be taking our #1 rated, pharmaceutical grade health paks to support your cellular nutrition.
  • Following RESET: You will be feeling amazing, have lost a few pounds and definitely have more energy! This is the fun part. Now it’s time to apply what we have learned.  I recommend supplementing with one or two of our low glycemic shakes for convenience, but this is the week we are going to continue to eat every 2-3 hours, but learn to eat whole foods! You will understand the concepts by this point.
  • It is recommended to continue taking our multi-vitamin, fish oil and probiotic for optimal cellular health and gut health.  Please contact me for recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

You can choose to continue to add on our vitamins (which are amazing!) following RESET and add in more shake options. Take with me  for more details if you have more weight to lose and want to stay on the program!


  • To register, please CONTACT me or email me:
  • For more details see image below
  • This includes most of your food for the first week too!  Most people only spend about $20 on fruits and veggies
  • Fun to do with a spouse or friend so include them too!